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Shima Seiki and Stoll


WOOLMARK - International Qualifications:

The Woolmark is the international qualifications- for Pure New Wool. Corum met all the strict performance standards and has obtained the Woolmark licensee since 1977. Corum proudly registered the following Woolmark trademarks:

- Merino Extrafine


Merino sheep have been bred over the centuries to grow fine wool. Garment with this symbol uses only the finest Merino Extrafine Wool products to give extra softness and luxurious texture.

- Total Easy Care / Machine Wash - Tumble Dry /* - Machine Washable


Garment with this symbol has been specially treated to prevent it from shrinkage - without losing any of wool's natural properties and benefits.

- Pure Merino Wool



- Machine Washable


- Teflon


Garment with this characteristic is specially treated to become waterproofing - without losing any of wool's natural properties and benefits.

- Anti-pilling